Monday, May 21, 2012

Baby shower pics, and a couple misc pictures :)

Me and Millie right after she Graduated!!

Big thanks once again to my family for making my baby shower so special and amazing!! Love you all so much and thank you for all your wonderful gifts, they are much appreciated!

Getting Ready!
Yummy food!
Cutest cake my mother-in-law had made for me

Beautiful quilt made by Robyn May..Love it!

REALLY neat picture my aunt Victoria got for the babys room

Daddy's favorite Football team :)

Opening presents!

Lots of Friends came! Love you guys!!
The amazing quilt my Aut Diane made Chate!!!
My husband LOVES bananas!

The events of Weeks and days Past

I have not been neglecting my blog on purpose, I have very good reasons as to my absence. I was able to spend some time with family down in Ava! To start off the trip I had the amazing opportunity to attend the Cultural Celebration in Kansas City for the Kansas City Temple festivities. My siblings got to perform in that event and they did an amazing job singing and dancing. We had a special guest there as well...President Thomas S. Monson! He is just the most amazing and spiritual man, yet so very funny, he even showed us his talent of wiggling his ears :). I also went and saw the Liberty Jail with my parents and Kaysha and Bryden. Unfortunately Chance couldnt come yet, as he had a final in school to take that next week, but he came down later :). The next day was Sunday, we were able to watch the Temple dedication via satelite, it was very neat as well. The next couple of days were spent with my family, and slowly one by one, family from Utah showed up for the big events that were going to transpire over the weekend. It is always fun to have Utah family come down, since we don't get to see them that often. On friday came the first big event to kick off the little sister Camille graduated from High School. I cannot believe how fast time goes, I have now been graduated for 4 years! I am so proud of Camille, she is such a light and example to everyone, she is so beautiful inside and out. She will be going to BYU in the fall. We will miss her so much, but I know that she will love college and will succeed in life with whatever she decides to do. Love you Camille! Oh I forgot to mention that she was Valedictorian of her class, shes a smarty just like me ;).
All my siblings + Bryden :)

Next up...My mom's graduation! Saturday morning she graduated from Drury University with a Degree in Sociology and General Studies. My mom showed great determination and strength by going back to school and finishing up her degree! Love you mom, congrats again!

Yup shes very beautiful

That night was my baby shower, sorry I dont have any pictures yet, but I will put them up once I get them. It was such a fun night full of friends, family, and games, oh, and I have one spoiled baby already for sure! Thanks to all my family who helped out to make it so special for me. The next day was Sunday, and we had Brydens baby blessing, Camille got her Young Women's Recognition award, and to top it off, it was Mothers Day! We had a yummy BBQ after church also. Yes, we are a family who tries to fit as many things into one weekend as we can!
4 Generations: Grandpa Gledhill, Grandma Kjar (aka mom) Kaysha, and Bryden

4 Generations: Grandma Kjar, Grandpa Kjar (aka Dad), Kaysha and Bryden

Grandparents and Hobbs Family

Me Kaysha and Bryden

Ok so this is a long post, but I wanted to add some Misc pictures from that week/weekend:
I believe that I have the cutest nephew ever :)

He loves kisses from me :)

I was debating on whether or not to put this on here, but the reason that I did is, my feet swelled up to the size of South Africa, and I had to constantly prop up my feet, they were huge! Luckily they are back to almost normal now.

Byden and mommy

Some of the clan, from left to right: Little Mckay, Brad, My dad, Camille, Me, Chance and uncle Eric takin pics

My mom and her dad and siblings, minus Amy

My uncle Stevens cute family, minus Kelton

Rockbridge, Yes I am soking my huge cankles in the cool water, oh and my dad got me soaking wet shortly after this picture was taken by throwing in a huge rock, but little does he know I was super hot aka pregnant, so I didnt mind :)

Well I have finally come to an end of this very long post! It was a very fun 12 days, and so much fun! Now I just have to prepare for little Chates arrival, it is getting so close!
35 weeks along