Saturday, July 13, 2013

Ava Trip

We went to Ava fourth of July weekend. We had a great time with Grandma and Grandpa Davis, and everyone else in Chances family. The weekend consisted of swimming, a birthday party, and of course lots of playing time and family time. Chate sure is one loved baby, he had lots of fun with his grandparents and cousins!

The Big One

Well it really did happen, my baby turned one years old July 3rd, I swear I just brought him home from the hospital like last week right?! Crazy good year, full of learning, adjusting, teaching, tears, laughter, and lots of love. This boy never ceases to amaze Chance and I. We are so blessed to be in his life. He has taught us so much about life, and has brought a deeper love into our marriage and family that continues to grow everyday. Ok enough tears...He had a pretty great birthday I do believe, we opened presents, went to the splash park, ate cake, and played with his new toys all day! Chate is a very active little guy now, and loves running from toy to toy (you should see my house at the end of each day). Chate loves to go "bye-bye", and is so happy to be in the car, with about a 3 hour limit. One day while Chance was blessing the food I looked over at Chate and he was folding his arms! Every time we say a prayer we tell him "prayers, fold your arms" and he does, for about 2 seconds, but hey he does it!  Every time I say lets go take a nap or go night-night, he will go straight into his room by himself, EVERY TIME, I know I still don't believe it myself. I really hope he keeps that up! He says "uh-oh" and does really great facial expressions along with it. He really is just a great little boy and I could not be more happy be his mom, and experience each day with him by my side.


St. Louis Trip Part 2

The next day we got up, re-packed the car, and head to the zoo (which is also free)! I have always loved a good zoo day. The zoo was so much fun and huge! There were tons of animals to look at, Chate absolutely loved it. Chance and I think his favorite animals were the monkeys. It was the perfect day to go, slightly over-cast, and in the 70's, can not complain there. For some reason I have always like looking at the snake exhibits even though I despise these serpenty creatures, but they are fun to look at through reinforced thick glass...I have also always had a soft spot for elephants and giraffes, such magnificent creatures. Of course Chances favorite animal is and always will be the penguin. We had fun riding the train around the zoo, we pet manta-rays, and looked and pointed, and made animal sounds to Chate all day long. As we headed over to the petting zoo part of the zoo, Chate fell asleep, too much excitement will do that to you, or not taking your first nap...But when he woke up we had to leave, we saw the dark rumbling clouds heading our way. We made it just to the car as heavy raindrops began to fall. This little trip of ours was a nice way to spend our weekend. I love my little family so much, it makes me so happy to be able to be with them forever, and to make memories to reminisce back on for years to come.

Please take notice of the huge Python head by Chates arm...this thing was MASSIVE