Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Playing Catch Up

We got a new camera! Our old camera had seen better days, it had been through Chances mission....enough said. So we got a nice new Canon, and I love it! So here are some pictures of the past few weeks.

this is how he was sitting in his jumper...funny baby

Loves to play peek-a-boo with dad


We had such a great Christmas this year. Chance was able to get a whole week off from work, which was so nice, and we decided to go down to Ava to spend Christmas with family. The holidays were spent catching up with family, enjoying good food, playing with babies, giving and receiving gifts, and so much more. I love family, and am so grateful for ALL that they do for me and my family, we really did have a special Christmas, especially Christmas morning taking turns opening our gifts and seeing and feeling the love that surrounded us that morning, it was definitely a Christmas that I will never forget. Chate had a fun time too, he mostly liked to watch everyone else with all of their goodies, but man did that baby get spoiled, he really got some good loot though! Thanks to his grandparents :), what would we do without such amazing parents? I truly appreciate all that each one of you do for us, we love you all so much!

6 Months

I am finding the time to blog few and far between these days. My days are filled with cleaning, baby bubble baths, toys, acting crazy to the enjoyment of my baby, playing with toys, and getting the songs from those toys stuck in my head all day...I even find myself drifting off to sleep with those songs still playing around in the corners of my mind. I change diapers, wipe food all over Chates face, I mean I am feeding him and he wipes the food EVERYWHERE! I love being a mom, and though at times it can be very trying and exhausting, i could not think of a better way to spend my day than playing with my precious baby. But alas, I do not get very much time to myself, while he is sleeping I often ask myself, should I clean, or catch up on a favorite tv show/read/exercise? Usually I try and to multiple things at once, which i am quite good at multitasking these days, i guess it comes with being a mom and having so much to do! Ok so now to catch you up on what Chate has accomplished during his 6 month mark.

- He says "dadadada", cutest thing ever...we are working on "mamama" :)
- His favorite foods are sweet potatoes, squash, and carrots. You can tell he likes his orange veggies by his face color, being a slight orange yellowish color. But he is not a huge fan of the fruits...
- He loves to watch mom and always keeps an eye on me wherever I am.
- He weighed 17.3 pounds at his 6 month check up, and was 26 inches long.
- His favorite song is "God Blessed the Broken Road" Ironic, you say? I think not.
- At night when I sing him lullabies, he tries to sing with my, it pretty much melts my heart.
- He LOVES books, Grandma Gwen got him a book that has pull up tabs, and different pictures are under them, he loves to open and close the tab. The only problem is now he thinks every book has takes, and "scratches" at the pages trying to find the tabs to open, it is pretty funny.

Well I think that is about it, or all that I can remember. Chate is so fun and watching him reach different milestones everyday truly amazes me, some things he does I didn't teach him, and it just makes me so proud to see him growing and learning. Love you baby :)

Tuesday, January 1, 2013

The Kindness of Strangers

In the world we all live in today, we always hear of the awful things that human beings can do to each other and I often wonder if there is any good left in the world, and if, in this scary time how can I do all I can to protect my baby, and help him to grow up and be a kind, loving, and an influence of good on the world? Well thanks to a kind-hearted couple I know that there is a great deal of good in the world, and thankfully you don't have to look to far to find it. Me and Chances 2 year anniversary was on the 28th, but due to traveling back from the holidays, and chance working that night, we did not have to opportunity to celebrate. That being said, last night Chance said he was taking me out to dinner, and he surprised me with Red Lobster, it was surprising because we are not the most wealthy of people at this present moment, and Red Lobster is on the expensive side, so needless to say I was VERY excited. Chance told me to order whatever I wanted...and I did, we even ordered an appetizer, which we NEVER do haha.

 As we were waiting for our food Chate found a new friend, a nice older man sitting in the booth next to us and his wife. Chate and him chatted it up and played for a long time, the couple was so nice, come to find out he was in investigator, and even knew where Ava was, thanks to some murder that he was investigating down there...any who....we talked to them the whole time until the food came. Our meals were so good! Let me also give props to those cheesy biscuits, I could eat bushels of those darn things, ugh mouth is watering as I think about them...yum. At one point in the dinner the man got up to use the bathroom, and when he came back they were getting up to leave, the man said bye to us, and shook Chates hand and gave him .50 to start a college fund with :). We thanked them for being so kind and entertaining Chate, and they went on their way, never to be seen again by us anyways. When we asked our waiter for the check  he said we didn't have one due to a very kind act. Wow, did this really just happen to us? I have heard of things like this happening before, but now that kind act was directed towards us, we were so grateful, and felt a lot of love towards a couple we didn't even really know. We also felt a little bad because the bill was not cheap, as this was our one night of going all out and ordering whatever we wanted. Such a kind, loving couple.

So I just want to give a shout out to that sweet couple and say thank you so much for making mine and Chances night, and may God bless you for being so kind. Chance and I now have the opportunity to pay that kind act forward, and we are looking forward to when that time comes. Thank you to all the kind souls who make this sometimes harsh world, so much better to live in, we all need to be a little more kind towards those around us and willing to help, this is my New Years resolution, and I pray that we can all do a kind deed when we see an opportunity, and bring joy into this new year of 2013.