Tuesday, January 29, 2013


We had such a great Christmas this year. Chance was able to get a whole week off from work, which was so nice, and we decided to go down to Ava to spend Christmas with family. The holidays were spent catching up with family, enjoying good food, playing with babies, giving and receiving gifts, and so much more. I love family, and am so grateful for ALL that they do for me and my family, we really did have a special Christmas, especially Christmas morning taking turns opening our gifts and seeing and feeling the love that surrounded us that morning, it was definitely a Christmas that I will never forget. Chate had a fun time too, he mostly liked to watch everyone else with all of their goodies, but man did that baby get spoiled, he really got some good loot though! Thanks to his grandparents :), what would we do without such amazing parents? I truly appreciate all that each one of you do for us, we love you all so much!

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