Monday, January 30, 2012

Saturday night was Date Night

Who said that in order to have an awesome date with your husband, you need to go out to some nice restaurant and to a movie, and spend loads of money while doing it?? Well it was definitely not Chance and I, you see we are poor college students with a baby on the way and do not do these said "fun things" for our dates but.... ta da!! Saturday night we had date night right in the comfort of our own home :). We made our own gourmet dinner and watched a movie, and snuggled in our jammies mind you, and had a fun night together. We first decided we wanted hamburgers and homemade we went to the handy dandy Rachel Ray, website and found an awesome recipe for the In and Out burger animal style, and some yummy Parmesan fry recipe from none other than Pinterest..don't you love that site? So we first started our date off with going shopping together to get the necessary ingredients, then hurried home, because we were starving, and started cooking! Chance had fry duty, and let me tell you, he has amazing fry cutting skills :). I proceeded to make the yummy burgers, with the special sauce and all. We had fun chatting and dancing and laughing together while making dinner, it was so much fun, my husband just makes my life so much better :). Dinner was done, we ate until our hearts content, and I will tell you...we were stuffed to maximum capacity, everything turned out so good!

Our yummy "mock" In and Out burgers "animal style" and parmesean fries

After dinner we piled up blankets, and pillows, got all snugly, and put in the movie Real Steel. I wasn't too sure about it, the movie is about boxing robots, but it does have Hugh Jackman in it so I gave it a chance, and everyone said it was a good movie. Well, to prove to you how much I loved this movie, is this...I did not fall asleep! Nope not even a little dozing off or anything, which is huge for me because, you put in a movie and BAM, just like that I am asleep, pretty much everytime! I thought it really was a really good movie, we both loved it and would definitely recommend anyone who has not seen it to watch it!

Before we got our fifty million pillows and blankets...
So our little date night turned out quite successful, we both believe, and very fun, all in the comfort of our own home, and for cheap, which Chance loves. I love spending time with my husband especially because I don't get to see  him too often with school, and his work, so I take every chance I can get to enjoy his company and just be together, and talk , and enjoy each others company, because that is the best part of being married, and lucky for me, he just so happens to be my best friend as well.

Saturday, January 28, 2012

The Awesomeness and Awkwardness of being pregnant...

  • Having the constant urge to pee = the bathroom becoming one of your best friends... (but hey at least its stays clean that way, I mean who wants to spend most of their day in a dirty bathroom?)
  • The random and sudden jolts/twinges/cramps of pains that randomly occur in your stomach, which I figure its trying to accommodate the every growing little munchkin inside :). But it does feel as if your insides are ripping apart, yes not fun, but definitely worth it!
  • Not being able to breathe out of my nose due to the constant flow of snot, I know its not pretty but it is the truth. The doc says this is a natural part of being pregnant, and will go away after the baby is born. Well I still have like 5 months until this chunker is fully baked, and would love to have a day of easy breathing, oh well... Needless to say, I never have tissue at a far of distance, and have mastered the art of propping up pillows at night for "better breathing"
  • My husband saying, "wow baby is growing big!" AKA "baby" = my "belly"...hmm...I will just let that slide by...for now.

Sorry its another mirror shot..Chance is never home to take them, I'm always ready for bed when he gets home...
  • Having the most amazing husband ever. He loves helping me out, giving massages, getting me things, and always asking how I am doing. He cannot wait to meet our baby, and smiles every time he talks about it...that makes my heart smile :)
  • My "lady lumps" are growing like weeds, it makes me feel like a supermodel, and lets just say Chance doesn't complain.
  • Being able to feel the baby butterfly kicking, moving and giving me an occasional hard kick just to say, "hi mom" , its fun and feels so awesome! I cant wait until the husband can feel it as well!
  • Being able to be pregnant with my I can ask her all the gruesome details of child birth, since she is due before me. It is so fun, and I cant wait for our babies to meet and be best friends!
  • Knowing that my Heavenly Father has given me and Chance this special blessing and trusts that Chance and I will do our best in raising it right, and with so much love ( which will not be hard ) we love our little one so much already!

Baby at 8 Weeks! Soon we find out the sex, and hopefully it will look more like a baby than a peanut, but a cute little peanut if I do say so myself!
 XO Tay

Thursday, January 26, 2012

Right at home...

I just wanted to share how much we love living where we do. The city is great, and has so much to do and things to see. It is also handy because it is close to both Kansas City and St.Louis...and the Temple! But the thing that we love the most is our ward. From the moment we walked into the church building they have been so welcoming and so nice. We have been invited over to dinners, parties, and many activities. We sort of had a not so good experience with our ward in Utah, so we are truly grateful to have such an awesome ward here. We have great friends that we do things with, and many of the girls are pregnant! There are 6 women in our ward expecting our babies pretty close together. This Friday in fact we have a dinner party, then after that I have a girls night to go to with some of the girls in the ward, and on Saturday I am going to a baby shower for a friend! I think this is one of the many awesome things about being a member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saint, you really do rely upon your ward for support and comfort and friendship. Especially for Chance and I whose family is not so close, our ward acts as our family. I am so glad that our church has spread all over the world and you can find it anywhere you go. I do not know where I would be today without my church and the Lord. I do know that I would not be as happy and grateful for things in my life, and I probably would not be so happy to live where we do without it, and the people we have met. Needless to say, we are feeling right at home here, thanks to such wonderful people and their kindness, it really does make us feel right at home.

Monday, January 23, 2012

How we spent our Saturday...

With having a new house, comes a whole array of projects to accomplish. First on our list was taking down some pretty floral wall paper. Chance looked up how to take off wall paper from You Tube, and conjured up our plan of action. We mixed up some water and vinegar, and rounded up some sponge brushes, and putty spatula thingies.

We ripped off the top half of the wall paper, which left the glue part exposed. At this point we drenched the paper with the water/vinegar mixture, and started scraping away at it.

Amazingly it worked pretty good! The project took us all morning but it was worth it to get the wall paper out of there. Now all we have to do is repaint the dining room and decorate, then it will be done! If you need some professional wall paper taker offers, Chance and I are here for the job...we pay by the hour :).

Sunday, January 22, 2012

Oh Baby...!!

For those of you who may not know, Chance and I are expecting a baby! We had been trying for a time and on October 28, 2011, I excuse my french..."peed" on the 60,000th pregnancy stick, ok that may be an exaggeration but it sure does feel like that. Chance was at school, and I wanted to suprise him in a fun way. So I got a bib that said "I love daddy" on it and I wrote him a little fun poem, which corresponded to the poem he wrote me when he asked me to marry him, I know I'm tricky, and I put the positive stick into a box and made it look like it was a package for him that came in the mail, stamp and all, and let me tell you it was hard to disguise my handwriting so he didnt know that it was me. Anyways he came home and I told him a package came for him in the mail, he opened it and read the poem first and then asked "seriously?" needless to say he was VERY excited, as was I! The baby is due June 26th, and that day can not come soon enough! We get to find out the sex on Febuary 7th, Chance can hardly wait, he wants to find out what it is sooo bad, its cute :), right now he takes turns calling it either he or she, and mostly just baby.

After Church (18 weeks)
Chance is the best husband a pregnant girl could ask for. I had a strange craving for Fun Dip, I told this to Chance and without question he went to the gas station and got me 2!

 He is deffinately the best, he gives great massages and loves "talking to the baby" and shaking my belly, why, I dont know haha. I am now 18 weeks along and have a "baby bump", fun, fun. I am so excited to become a mom and can not wait to hold my baby in my arms, it will be trully an amazing experience. As for now I am just enjoying being pregnant, I have been feeling and doing great!
Sorry I cut off my face, I had just gotten out of the shower, and was deffinately not presentable at the time...more pictures to come soon!

Friday, January 20, 2012

New House!

   We have been recently blessed with the opportunity to move into a house! A really sweet older couple from our church ward, offered to let us rent their house for however long we want too. I know it does not get any better than that, and for a price we can afford, we love them and are so grateful for their generosity. It amazes how things just seem to be coming together for Chance and I, the Lord really does answer prayers, and is always there for us. We were able to get out of our contract with our apartment complex, and move right in to our home with the help of some men from the ward. Although I will miss the fighting from the couple across the street, the drugbust from another apartment complex, and the pretty red flashing lights and high pitched sirens of ambulances/firetrucks driving past the apartment everyday, and just the everyday drama....YA RIGHT, I will not miss any of that! Oh did I mention you had to walk up 3 flights of stairs just to get to the place, ya not fun for a pregnant lady who feels like they just ran a marathon when I hit the top of the stairs. Ok, enough of the venting, it really wasnt that bad of a place. But I just really appreciate this blessing of a house, oh and an actual laundry room! I know, its crazy how you are grateful for small things when you do not have them. Now I just have to figure out how to decorate a house, not just a room haha. Anyways Chance is very excited to take care of the yardwork and to have a garage, and I am so excited to start on the babys room! I will post pictures as I get things decorated more, good thing I have a momma who passed on her keen eye of decorating to me! Thanks mom!

New year, new hobby...hopefully

So, last night we had a Relief Society meeting. The meeting was all about journaling for not only your family now, but for posterity. I know that journaling is very important, but I will be the first to admit, I am a failure at writing in a journal. I am one of those people who are really good for a few months then the slacking happens...consequently, like a year or more later, I will start up again. Needless to say that is not a very effective method of journaling. Last night we learned about blogging, and how fun it can be, and how it is a form of journaling as well. So here is goes, my first attempt at this blogging world. It will hopefully be interesting foremost, and fun, it will aslo be about my life, events, upcoming plans, family additions, and whatever else may be going on in life. I hope whoever reads this will enjoy it, and get to see a little peek into the Davis familys life! Heres a sneek peek into what my next post will be!
Our new house!