Monday, January 30, 2012

Saturday night was Date Night

Who said that in order to have an awesome date with your husband, you need to go out to some nice restaurant and to a movie, and spend loads of money while doing it?? Well it was definitely not Chance and I, you see we are poor college students with a baby on the way and do not do these said "fun things" for our dates but.... ta da!! Saturday night we had date night right in the comfort of our own home :). We made our own gourmet dinner and watched a movie, and snuggled in our jammies mind you, and had a fun night together. We first decided we wanted hamburgers and homemade we went to the handy dandy Rachel Ray, website and found an awesome recipe for the In and Out burger animal style, and some yummy Parmesan fry recipe from none other than Pinterest..don't you love that site? So we first started our date off with going shopping together to get the necessary ingredients, then hurried home, because we were starving, and started cooking! Chance had fry duty, and let me tell you, he has amazing fry cutting skills :). I proceeded to make the yummy burgers, with the special sauce and all. We had fun chatting and dancing and laughing together while making dinner, it was so much fun, my husband just makes my life so much better :). Dinner was done, we ate until our hearts content, and I will tell you...we were stuffed to maximum capacity, everything turned out so good!

Our yummy "mock" In and Out burgers "animal style" and parmesean fries

After dinner we piled up blankets, and pillows, got all snugly, and put in the movie Real Steel. I wasn't too sure about it, the movie is about boxing robots, but it does have Hugh Jackman in it so I gave it a chance, and everyone said it was a good movie. Well, to prove to you how much I loved this movie, is this...I did not fall asleep! Nope not even a little dozing off or anything, which is huge for me because, you put in a movie and BAM, just like that I am asleep, pretty much everytime! I thought it really was a really good movie, we both loved it and would definitely recommend anyone who has not seen it to watch it!

Before we got our fifty million pillows and blankets...
So our little date night turned out quite successful, we both believe, and very fun, all in the comfort of our own home, and for cheap, which Chance loves. I love spending time with my husband especially because I don't get to see  him too often with school, and his work, so I take every chance I can get to enjoy his company and just be together, and talk , and enjoy each others company, because that is the best part of being married, and lucky for me, he just so happens to be my best friend as well.

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  1. with three kidos Jason and I don't get to have to many date nights but we have leaned to turn a night at the gym into a date night. As long as it's just the two of you doing something together it can be considered a date.Good job on the economic date.