Friday, January 20, 2012

New House!

   We have been recently blessed with the opportunity to move into a house! A really sweet older couple from our church ward, offered to let us rent their house for however long we want too. I know it does not get any better than that, and for a price we can afford, we love them and are so grateful for their generosity. It amazes how things just seem to be coming together for Chance and I, the Lord really does answer prayers, and is always there for us. We were able to get out of our contract with our apartment complex, and move right in to our home with the help of some men from the ward. Although I will miss the fighting from the couple across the street, the drugbust from another apartment complex, and the pretty red flashing lights and high pitched sirens of ambulances/firetrucks driving past the apartment everyday, and just the everyday drama....YA RIGHT, I will not miss any of that! Oh did I mention you had to walk up 3 flights of stairs just to get to the place, ya not fun for a pregnant lady who feels like they just ran a marathon when I hit the top of the stairs. Ok, enough of the venting, it really wasnt that bad of a place. But I just really appreciate this blessing of a house, oh and an actual laundry room! I know, its crazy how you are grateful for small things when you do not have them. Now I just have to figure out how to decorate a house, not just a room haha. Anyways Chance is very excited to take care of the yardwork and to have a garage, and I am so excited to start on the babys room! I will post pictures as I get things decorated more, good thing I have a momma who passed on her keen eye of decorating to me! Thanks mom!

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