Saturday, January 28, 2012

The Awesomeness and Awkwardness of being pregnant...

  • Having the constant urge to pee = the bathroom becoming one of your best friends... (but hey at least its stays clean that way, I mean who wants to spend most of their day in a dirty bathroom?)
  • The random and sudden jolts/twinges/cramps of pains that randomly occur in your stomach, which I figure its trying to accommodate the every growing little munchkin inside :). But it does feel as if your insides are ripping apart, yes not fun, but definitely worth it!
  • Not being able to breathe out of my nose due to the constant flow of snot, I know its not pretty but it is the truth. The doc says this is a natural part of being pregnant, and will go away after the baby is born. Well I still have like 5 months until this chunker is fully baked, and would love to have a day of easy breathing, oh well... Needless to say, I never have tissue at a far of distance, and have mastered the art of propping up pillows at night for "better breathing"
  • My husband saying, "wow baby is growing big!" AKA "baby" = my "belly"...hmm...I will just let that slide by...for now.

Sorry its another mirror shot..Chance is never home to take them, I'm always ready for bed when he gets home...
  • Having the most amazing husband ever. He loves helping me out, giving massages, getting me things, and always asking how I am doing. He cannot wait to meet our baby, and smiles every time he talks about it...that makes my heart smile :)
  • My "lady lumps" are growing like weeds, it makes me feel like a supermodel, and lets just say Chance doesn't complain.
  • Being able to feel the baby butterfly kicking, moving and giving me an occasional hard kick just to say, "hi mom" , its fun and feels so awesome! I cant wait until the husband can feel it as well!
  • Being able to be pregnant with my I can ask her all the gruesome details of child birth, since she is due before me. It is so fun, and I cant wait for our babies to meet and be best friends!
  • Knowing that my Heavenly Father has given me and Chance this special blessing and trusts that Chance and I will do our best in raising it right, and with so much love ( which will not be hard ) we love our little one so much already!

Baby at 8 Weeks! Soon we find out the sex, and hopefully it will look more like a baby than a peanut, but a cute little peanut if I do say so myself!
 XO Tay

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