Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Christmas Time

Oh how I love Christmas time! I think I am even more excited for Christmas this year, thanks to my little sweetie who I get to spoil. I love my little family so much!

Picture Overload of the Past Few Weeks

Date night with mom and dad at Macaroni Grill...YUM! Chate was actually really happy, the flash just catches him off

5 Months

Wow. That is all I can say...can my baby really almost be half a year old already?! I swear it feels just like yesterday that I found out that I was pregnant, and that was already a year ago! My mom used to always to tell me that as you get older time speeds up so enjoy every minute of being young with no worries. I completely agree with my mom on that one. Being in school, all I wanted to do was graduate and move on with life, but now, as I see my life quickly passing before me, I just wish time would SLOW the heck down, wouldn't that be great? I think yes. So I will take my mom's advice and enjoy every minute I have with Chate being so young, because I know it is going by way faster than I would like it to. Ok here are some fun things Chate has accomplished this past month:

 - He can now sit up, but every once and a while gets excited and topples over, so I have to really watch him, and can not just leave him by himself sitting up yet.

- We have ventured into the realm of "real" food, all we have tried is squash, but he seems do be doing quite well. FYI and maybe to much info, but since we have been starting him on food, his poop and toots are SHTANKY (my way of saying stinky)! Yuck, is all I have to say about that.

- Chate loves to go out and about and see different scenery, since we pretty much just stare at each other all day long, I don't mind it one bit, but he gets tired of just seeing mom all day long.

- He loves church, and has been a good boy the past few times going. He always seems to start chatting VERY loudly during sacrament though, hopefully nobody minds. I would rather him be happy and talking than mad and crying, so people will just have to suffer through his cute little banters with himself.

- Chate is practicing really hard at blowing raspberries with his tongue, he has succeeded a few times, but we are still working on getting it down really good.

That is all that I can think of for now, but I am sure there is more...Chance and I just love Chate so much, and love his little personality. Chance really likes that Chate is able to do more things, and Chate loves when his daddy gets home from school or work, his whole face lights up, it is the sweetest thing ever. I just love my boys :).

Monday, December 3, 2012

A Baby and his Bag

All the experts say to not let your baby play with bags, heck the warning label is right on the bag, stating all the horrible things that could happen. But we all know that bags are one of the most fun things to play with for baby's, and all of us let our kids play with bags, but under direct supervision right?! Chate loves bags, and especially paper, he rips it, eats it, and shakes it around like he is trying to rip it to shreds, its pretty hilarious to watch.

The Food Experience

It seems that as a mother, you hear lots of different opinions on how/when/where/what, you should do with your child. Some say to start food early, some say don't start them until very late. I decided that I would do it when Chate seemed ready and even interested in it. We had a really bad experience one time when I gave in oatmeal cereal, it was very scary for me to say the least, and I have been scared to try any sort of food since. That was until last week...Chate seemed to be interested in what we were eating and was trying to grab it and put it into his mouth. So I thought, hey lets try some rice cereal this time and see how it went not so good. He HATES that stuff, as you can see from the pictures, as soon as it hits his tongue he makes a very disapproving look and spits it right back out. Darn, so my idea was not so good. But I did get a jar of squash from Target the other night, so what the heck I gave it a try...and, well lets just say he didn't hate it. He liked it better than the cereal but is still not too sure about the whole idea of it yet. So I will keep trying at least once a week until he becomes used to it. I do enjoy seeing some of the faces he pulls when I feed the squash to him though, its quite entertaining.

Rice Cereal : GROSE

Squash...not so bad!


For Thanksgiving this year we headed down to Ava to be with my in-laws. My family was on vacation in Cozumel, so we were able to spend all our time with Chances family. We did also get to see my sister Kaysha and her cute little family too, I just love them :). I love this time of year, I love all the food, the smells, the music, the kindness of others, and the all around good feeling in the air. Thanksgiving morning Chance played football with some of his friends and Chate and I and my sister and her baby tagged along. It was fun to see them play, but we had to leave a bit early due to tired babies. That afternoon we ate a very delicious meal. I pretty much maxed out on turkey and pie, it was so good! I would say that I wish every day was Thanksgiving, but then I would be roughly the size of a barge so that probably isn't a good idea, so we will just keep it as a once a year deal. It was so nice to spend time with family for Thanksgiving, but I am so ready for Christmas, BRING IT ON!


4 Months

So I am a little behind, things tend to get a little hectic around the holidays, but I love them! So here is a quick update on Chate during month 4:

Weight: 15.2 Pounds
Height: 25 in

Chates personality is really starting to shine, he absolutely loves to play with his toys, and especially his daddy. But he is definitely a mommas boy (which I love), he only lets me feed him and put him to sleep, that's ok though because for me, those are the most precious bonding times. Chate does not like rice cereal, he pulls the funniest faces, which eventually leads to his face of  "get this the heck out of my mouth, I want my milk! ", which in turn leads to him fussing until I scoop it all out of his mouth...silly boy. He is such a sweet baby, and such a good boy, he will let anyone hold him, and loves to get attention. I can honestly say that he rarely cries, he does fuss a bit, but never full on cries. I am so blessed to have such a sweet boy, I love those chubby cheeks, and his awesome double chin ( we have been working on it since birth). He is such a cutie, and I look forward to waking up to is coos and little laughs as he plays in his crib waiting for me to get him up.

Saturday, November 3, 2012

Chate overload

Just thought I would share some pictures of Chate playing in his new bouncer. LOVE this little boy. 17 weeks 2 days

He is a little short so we had to improvise


Last Saturday Chance and I went to the Mizzou homecoming game with some of our really good friends. I had never been to a college football game before so I was pretty excited. Chance and I got all snazzied up in our Tiger garb and headed out. There were so many people out and about, tailgating, and having a grand ole' time. The game was lots of fun, I did pretty good watching the game too! Even though my friend and I did get a little side tracked by cheerleader and dance routines/hair/outfits. But what can I say ,the actual watching of the game was mostly for the husbands anyways :). It was nice to have someone to chat with while the "boys" were focused on the game. Hey but I did get into spirit, and shouted out the fight cheers right along with those other tiger hooligans. It was nice to spend some time with the husband and good friends without the baby, even though I did miss the little guy. Thanks Gwen for watching Chate for us so we could go play!

Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Walk with Mommy/ Misc pictures

I am told that most babies LOVE to be outside, as in if they are having a crying fit, you can usually take them outside and they immediately stop, I guess it is supposed to be some type of therapy for babies? Well, this is not true with my son, he is very indifferent to being outside. He does not love it, but he does not hate it either, he is just kind of  "eh" to the whole outside thing. But he does like to look at the leaves on the trees, but really he just looks at me the whole time and eats his hands and makes funny faces when the sun hits his face. Silly baby, I just love him so much. But thank goodness he doesn't throw huge crying fits because the outside thing just doesn't work for him, but he is not like most babies, he is pretty smart and more advanced for his age if I do say so myself. Chance says that is mostly thanks to him, but I would like to think I had a part in his good nature and smarty pant ways too. So here are some pictures from our walk this morning, does he not look so cute all bundles up! He is exactly 14 weeks today!

Getting ready to head out!

Cutest baby ever? Pretty sure he is :)

He has the prettiest eyes

Love this time of year!

Playing with his toys 13 weeks 6 days!

He has been grabbing his toys for a few weeks now! Getting big!

Thursday, October 4, 2012

3 Months

Well I cannot believe that I now have a 3 month old baby! Is it just me or does being pregnant seem like it lasts for an eternity, and once your baby is here time flies by at lightning speed?  What is up with that?! So as this thing called time is going so speedy, I try and slow it down a little by spending as much snuggle/kissing/playing/acting crazy to get my baby to laugh hysterically at me time as possible. Chate is getting so big! He had his first little cold a couple weeks ago and he weighed in at 14 lbs 8 oz. Okay so here are some of his 3 month old accomplishments!

- He now rolls over from his stomach to his back, and almost from his back to his stomach, he tries but always gets his arm stuck.

- He has now found his thumb...I don't think this is an accomplishment, nor does Chance, but the stinker will not take a binky despite my everlasting tries of shoving the darn thing in his mouth, he just spits it out like it is the grossest tasting thing in the world. So for now, we call him thumb sucker :).

- He is a champ at nap times, and sleeps for several hours...but due to earlier stated cold, bed time has been a struggle lately he has been waking up 2 or more times a night, so I am praying that now he is getting over this cold things will go back to normal...I hope.

- Chate loves grabbing and holding onto things, especially moms hair, all of which go straight into his slobbery mouth.

- He loves his daddy and always has the biggest smiles for him when Chance gets home from work or school.

- He loves to stand ALL of the time, he would rather stand on my lap than sit.

- He has started giving me lots of "loves" lately, probably making up for keeping me up at night...but his little head resting on my shoulder sure does make up for those lost hours of sleep.

- He is a big "talker" and gets into these kicks where he will talk nonstop for about 10 or more minutes, and he will even try and have a conversation with us. Well it actually sounds like a bunch of caveman living in our house the way we talk to him, but oh well, its fun to hear his little voice. It is the cutest little voice ever!

Monday, October 1, 2012

Family Weekend

Friday was my 23rd birthday, no I am not feeling any older yet...but I am sure that time is going to come sooner than I want it too. We had a nice family day, just me and my boys. Chance did take me out to dinner that night to Texas Roadhouse, and it was nice because Chate slept the whole time, such a good boy! Later that night my in-laws came up from Ava to visit us for the weekend. Saturday we went to a huge corn maze. We had to find 8 questions and if we found them and got the answers all right we could enter our names in for a drawing. Well if any of you know my husband he was bound and determined to find every single one. This was no easy task, as the corn maze covered 16 acres! I lasted for about and hour, then Chate got hungry so Gwen and I made our way back out of the maze, without getting lost I might add, to feed Chate. Chance and his dad stayed to finish the questions. After about 40 minutes or so they were done and found and answered all the questions, so we were able to put our names in the drawing! It was such a nice day to be outside and enjoy the autumn air. I would venture to say that fall is my favorite time of year, I love the beautiful colors the trees turn, and the crisp autumn air. For lunch we went to Outback, yum! That night Gwen and I did a little shopping, as Chance and his dad went to a tool store...of course. Chate went with me, but he was a little fussy...I think he wanted to go with the boys instead of being stuck with the girls shopping. It was a great weekend and lots of fun. Now for some quite cuddling time with my baby, whom is getting quite big, so I try and get all the mommy and Chate time that I can. Snuggling that little boy is my favorite times of the day.

Chance and his dad...Mt. Rushmore
Huge Cornfield
Trying to find the questions...with no luck all you could see was corn!
Grandma Gwen and Chate
Daddy pushing Chate
I was there too!
Chate taking a little snooze
Found a Question!
Chate just jabbering away
Chate and mommy
This is an arial view of the corn maze!!! It was huge!!