Monday, October 7, 2013

Getting into Things

Before I became a mom I really looked forward to those times when my child would get into...lets just say "mischief", I loved the idea of catching them in the act of doing something "naughty" and them capturing it on camera. I know that there are two routes in which a parent can take when it comes to their child making messes/getting into things. You can either 1) Smile, grab the camera and make memories, or 2) Get mad and be overwhelmed by these almost daily occurrences. I choose the latter, I love experiencing these little "naughty acts" with Chate. I honestly thing that it is funny and something to laugh about because I mean really what do you expect he is a baby! So as the saying goes "let them be little", and I really do follow that, and even join in on the fun with him sometimes, because who doesn't want to be a kid again? But I know that there are boundaries, and I have my three big ones: hot things, and the toilet, and cleaning products, for Chates safety but that is basically it, and he is a pretty good boy so I lucky don't have to get on to him very often at all. Ok so here are a very few pictures of things he has gotten into that I have captured with the camera, wipes, eye shadow, and his toy boy- to which he threw all his toys out (not really that bad but pretty funny that he was stuck inside the box).

Catching up with Birthdays

Summer has now come and gone, and so has all of the birthdays for my family. I just celebrated my birthday a couple weeks ago and Chances was July 20th, and since I am behind I will start with his. Chance requested a homemade cheesecake, so I went all Betty Crocker and whipped him up a mighty fine cheesecake, it was delicious. His parents also came up to visit that weekend so Chance and I were able to go on a much needed date together. I love spending one-on-one time with my husband especially since that time is hard to come by lately. For my birthday I requested pumpkin pie since I am not a huge cake fan, so Chance took his turn with domestication and made me a very scrumptious pie. My family came up to visit that weekend and we went to Bass Pro, Bowling, and out to dinner with my parents. I love when family comes up to visit, and I love getting to spend time with them creating memories, and of course Chate loves all the attention he gets from the grandparents and aunts and uncles, he is not spoiled at all....