Monday, October 7, 2013

Getting into Things

Before I became a mom I really looked forward to those times when my child would get into...lets just say "mischief", I loved the idea of catching them in the act of doing something "naughty" and them capturing it on camera. I know that there are two routes in which a parent can take when it comes to their child making messes/getting into things. You can either 1) Smile, grab the camera and make memories, or 2) Get mad and be overwhelmed by these almost daily occurrences. I choose the latter, I love experiencing these little "naughty acts" with Chate. I honestly thing that it is funny and something to laugh about because I mean really what do you expect he is a baby! So as the saying goes "let them be little", and I really do follow that, and even join in on the fun with him sometimes, because who doesn't want to be a kid again? But I know that there are boundaries, and I have my three big ones: hot things, and the toilet, and cleaning products, for Chates safety but that is basically it, and he is a pretty good boy so I lucky don't have to get on to him very often at all. Ok so here are a very few pictures of things he has gotten into that I have captured with the camera, wipes, eye shadow, and his toy boy- to which he threw all his toys out (not really that bad but pretty funny that he was stuck inside the box).

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