Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Walk with Mommy/ Misc pictures

I am told that most babies LOVE to be outside, as in if they are having a crying fit, you can usually take them outside and they immediately stop, I guess it is supposed to be some type of therapy for babies? Well, this is not true with my son, he is very indifferent to being outside. He does not love it, but he does not hate it either, he is just kind of  "eh" to the whole outside thing. But he does like to look at the leaves on the trees, but really he just looks at me the whole time and eats his hands and makes funny faces when the sun hits his face. Silly baby, I just love him so much. But thank goodness he doesn't throw huge crying fits because the outside thing just doesn't work for him, but he is not like most babies, he is pretty smart and more advanced for his age if I do say so myself. Chance says that is mostly thanks to him, but I would like to think I had a part in his good nature and smarty pant ways too. So here are some pictures from our walk this morning, does he not look so cute all bundles up! He is exactly 14 weeks today!

Getting ready to head out!

Cutest baby ever? Pretty sure he is :)

He has the prettiest eyes

Love this time of year!

Playing with his toys 13 weeks 6 days!

He has been grabbing his toys for a few weeks now! Getting big!


  1. LOVED these pictures of Chate! So darling all bundled up! Also, it is so easy to see the sunburst in his eyes! I am so glad you are doing this blog1 Love ya, Mom ♥

  2. Hey! I saw your blog from facebook, so I took a look. Hope you don't mind. I think your little guy is so completely adorable! Glad you guys are our neighbors!!