Thursday, October 4, 2012

3 Months

Well I cannot believe that I now have a 3 month old baby! Is it just me or does being pregnant seem like it lasts for an eternity, and once your baby is here time flies by at lightning speed?  What is up with that?! So as this thing called time is going so speedy, I try and slow it down a little by spending as much snuggle/kissing/playing/acting crazy to get my baby to laugh hysterically at me time as possible. Chate is getting so big! He had his first little cold a couple weeks ago and he weighed in at 14 lbs 8 oz. Okay so here are some of his 3 month old accomplishments!

- He now rolls over from his stomach to his back, and almost from his back to his stomach, he tries but always gets his arm stuck.

- He has now found his thumb...I don't think this is an accomplishment, nor does Chance, but the stinker will not take a binky despite my everlasting tries of shoving the darn thing in his mouth, he just spits it out like it is the grossest tasting thing in the world. So for now, we call him thumb sucker :).

- He is a champ at nap times, and sleeps for several hours...but due to earlier stated cold, bed time has been a struggle lately he has been waking up 2 or more times a night, so I am praying that now he is getting over this cold things will go back to normal...I hope.

- Chate loves grabbing and holding onto things, especially moms hair, all of which go straight into his slobbery mouth.

- He loves his daddy and always has the biggest smiles for him when Chance gets home from work or school.

- He loves to stand ALL of the time, he would rather stand on my lap than sit.

- He has started giving me lots of "loves" lately, probably making up for keeping me up at night...but his little head resting on my shoulder sure does make up for those lost hours of sleep.

- He is a big "talker" and gets into these kicks where he will talk nonstop for about 10 or more minutes, and he will even try and have a conversation with us. Well it actually sounds like a bunch of caveman living in our house the way we talk to him, but oh well, its fun to hear his little voice. It is the cutest little voice ever!

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  1. I am goodness!!! I love these pictures of Chate!! He is such a stud!! I am so proud of you and Chance for being able to speak such fluent Caveman language!! lol :-) I love all Chate and your sweet little family! MOM Kjar