Monday, October 1, 2012

Family Weekend

Friday was my 23rd birthday, no I am not feeling any older yet...but I am sure that time is going to come sooner than I want it too. We had a nice family day, just me and my boys. Chance did take me out to dinner that night to Texas Roadhouse, and it was nice because Chate slept the whole time, such a good boy! Later that night my in-laws came up from Ava to visit us for the weekend. Saturday we went to a huge corn maze. We had to find 8 questions and if we found them and got the answers all right we could enter our names in for a drawing. Well if any of you know my husband he was bound and determined to find every single one. This was no easy task, as the corn maze covered 16 acres! I lasted for about and hour, then Chate got hungry so Gwen and I made our way back out of the maze, without getting lost I might add, to feed Chate. Chance and his dad stayed to finish the questions. After about 40 minutes or so they were done and found and answered all the questions, so we were able to put our names in the drawing! It was such a nice day to be outside and enjoy the autumn air. I would venture to say that fall is my favorite time of year, I love the beautiful colors the trees turn, and the crisp autumn air. For lunch we went to Outback, yum! That night Gwen and I did a little shopping, as Chance and his dad went to a tool store...of course. Chate went with me, but he was a little fussy...I think he wanted to go with the boys instead of being stuck with the girls shopping. It was a great weekend and lots of fun. Now for some quite cuddling time with my baby, whom is getting quite big, so I try and get all the mommy and Chate time that I can. Snuggling that little boy is my favorite times of the day.

Chance and his dad...Mt. Rushmore
Huge Cornfield
Trying to find the questions...with no luck all you could see was corn!
Grandma Gwen and Chate
Daddy pushing Chate
I was there too!
Chate taking a little snooze
Found a Question!
Chate just jabbering away
Chate and mommy
This is an arial view of the corn maze!!! It was huge!!

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