Monday, December 3, 2012

4 Months

So I am a little behind, things tend to get a little hectic around the holidays, but I love them! So here is a quick update on Chate during month 4:

Weight: 15.2 Pounds
Height: 25 in

Chates personality is really starting to shine, he absolutely loves to play with his toys, and especially his daddy. But he is definitely a mommas boy (which I love), he only lets me feed him and put him to sleep, that's ok though because for me, those are the most precious bonding times. Chate does not like rice cereal, he pulls the funniest faces, which eventually leads to his face of  "get this the heck out of my mouth, I want my milk! ", which in turn leads to him fussing until I scoop it all out of his mouth...silly boy. He is such a sweet baby, and such a good boy, he will let anyone hold him, and loves to get attention. I can honestly say that he rarely cries, he does fuss a bit, but never full on cries. I am so blessed to have such a sweet boy, I love those chubby cheeks, and his awesome double chin ( we have been working on it since birth). He is such a cutie, and I look forward to waking up to is coos and little laughs as he plays in his crib waiting for me to get him up.

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  1. Haha! I just love these fun pictures of Chate and your updates! He hair is sticking stragiht up!! Love this little man so much!! ♥ MOM