Monday, December 3, 2012

The Food Experience

It seems that as a mother, you hear lots of different opinions on how/when/where/what, you should do with your child. Some say to start food early, some say don't start them until very late. I decided that I would do it when Chate seemed ready and even interested in it. We had a really bad experience one time when I gave in oatmeal cereal, it was very scary for me to say the least, and I have been scared to try any sort of food since. That was until last week...Chate seemed to be interested in what we were eating and was trying to grab it and put it into his mouth. So I thought, hey lets try some rice cereal this time and see how it went not so good. He HATES that stuff, as you can see from the pictures, as soon as it hits his tongue he makes a very disapproving look and spits it right back out. Darn, so my idea was not so good. But I did get a jar of squash from Target the other night, so what the heck I gave it a try...and, well lets just say he didn't hate it. He liked it better than the cereal but is still not too sure about the whole idea of it yet. So I will keep trying at least once a week until he becomes used to it. I do enjoy seeing some of the faces he pulls when I feed the squash to him though, its quite entertaining.

Rice Cereal : GROSE

Squash...not so bad!

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  1. It's super easy to roast a butternut squash and smash it up and it tastes SOOOOOOO much better. Have you tasted the squash out of that bottle?

    If you are nervous about tackling a butternut squash by yourself, WalMart and probably target sell it already cubed up, so you would just need to steam it and mash it. He might like it even better!

    Way to go! We are not having such success with food yet. :(