Monday, January 23, 2012

How we spent our Saturday...

With having a new house, comes a whole array of projects to accomplish. First on our list was taking down some pretty floral wall paper. Chance looked up how to take off wall paper from You Tube, and conjured up our plan of action. We mixed up some water and vinegar, and rounded up some sponge brushes, and putty spatula thingies.

We ripped off the top half of the wall paper, which left the glue part exposed. At this point we drenched the paper with the water/vinegar mixture, and started scraping away at it.

Amazingly it worked pretty good! The project took us all morning but it was worth it to get the wall paper out of there. Now all we have to do is repaint the dining room and decorate, then it will be done! If you need some professional wall paper taker offers, Chance and I are here for the job...we pay by the hour :).


  1. windex does the same thing but without the nasty vinegar smell it also takes the glue off with the paper.

    1. Oh good to know! We still have some wall paper to take off in the bathroom, so we may give that a try!

  2. Look at you guys! All handyman-like. :)