Saturday, July 13, 2013

St.Louis Trip

We wanted to have a fun little vacation that wouldn't be too far away from home, so what better place than St. Louis? We load up the car and headed out. We stayed at the Westin, it was such a nice hotel! We love it! We got there early Friday and decided to do the Science museum, which is FREE! We are totally for anything free and fun these days. It was pretty neat, it may have been more geared towards older kids, but Chate still had a blast, and for people like Chance who will actually take the time and read every single bit of information on those plaques. But that has never been for me, I am the one who quickly looks and if it doesn't catch my attention I move on, and I am a bit of a germaphobe and the thought of everyone touching all the hands-on things in the museum and then letting Chate touch it was kind of grossing me out, thank heavens for germ-x right. I know, I know, why go to a museum then...I ask myself the same question sometimes, I do it for the hubby, he loves that stuff. My favorite part- the giant dinosaur on the bottom level.

How much money it would be to send Chate to space, based on you weight.

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