Thursday, June 7, 2012

My First Nephew!!

Ok so I have to brag on my extremely cute little nephew a bit before my baby makes his grand entrance, because when that time arrives I believe my blog will be consumed with my baby Chate. But I have to say Bryden is such a cutie, and he has the cutest personality. My favorite thing that he does is when he tries to focus on something his eyes kind of go cross-eyed or go in different directions, its my absolute favorite thing, and it makes me laugh every time. Hopefully my baby will follow in his cousins footsteps. I love being an aunt, I just wish they lived a little closer to Chance and I because our babies will be so close in age, but thats ok, distance wont keep them apart :). They will be best cousin buddies and will have so much fun together at family get-togethers. I also can not believe that my little sister Kaysha had her first baby before me?! I always thought that I would have the first, being the oldest and all, but actually I am ok with this. I have been able to ask her SEVERAL questions pertaining mostly to labor right now, and I know I will have plenty more questions once Chate arrives. It is just so fun to have a sibling whom I was pregnant with at the same time, and now we can share our different experiences (whether they be good or bad) together and learn from each other. I do miss our baby tummy bumping though, we would bump tummies together, it was fun :). I love my little Bryden so much, I cannot imagine the love I will have for my own baby :). Only 2 1/2 more weeks for me to go!! Here are some cute pics of Bryden that I stole from my sister.
Cousins will be 3 months apart!

Love this picture. Gangster Bryden...even has the face down and the peace sign

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