Saturday, June 30, 2012

Our Official "Last" Date Together Before The Baby Comes...

The impending and much anticipated due date for our little guy is fastly approaching. I will be induced Tuesday, and will be admitted into the hospital on Monday night. Actually knowing the date of when Chate will finally come into this world is scary/exciting/crazy all mixed into one. I cannot wait to hold my baby, but am slightly unnerved for how the induction will go, but I am thinking only positively! So, Chance and I wanted to do one last hoorah date together before the baby arrives, and our last full day together without kids, crazy to even think about that really.

We decided to splurge on ourselves, which we NEVER do since we are the poorest of poor college students right now, but we deserved a night out :). We started our evening off by going to Texas Roadhouse. We had never been there before and were very excited about it! The atmosphere there is very fun and upbeat, the staff was dancing and singing, at one point they even had a big armadillo walking around! Because it was our first time there the manager brought us out a sample plate of ribs, and different sides, Chance was very happy about this. I ordered the ribs, and Chance ordered BBQ chicken and steak. Holy cow the food was amazing, like fall apart in your mouth while the BBQ sauce is running down your mouth good. We took our time eating, and we just about ate everything on our plates. It was so nice being able to just relax and talk with my husband and laugh together, it was just like going on one of our firsts dates together all over again, geesh I love that man :).

The Sample Plate! YUM

Blooming Onion

My Ribs, they literally melted in my mouth

There is just no cute way to eat ribs...

After dinner we were going to see a movie, but had time to spare between, so we went over to the mall and looked to get Chance some new shoes since his current shoes should be thrown away. His toe can stick out the side of them, so it was deffinately time for a new pair. We tried Shoe Carnival but found nothing he liked, so we headed over to Old Navy to look around. We ended up getting him a couple shirts, also which he desperately needs, because wearing your old high school shirts at least 5 times a week just doesnt cut it when you have been graduated for 5 years, its time to get a "big boy" wardrobe. Dont worry I am working on it for him!

So, we still hadnt found any shoes, and decided to head over to Kohls and see if they had anything good. Luckily we got very lucky in many ways. First off Chance did find a really nice pair of shoes, and second off I got a Kitchenaid!! Yes you read that right. Here is the story: I have been wanting a Kitchenaid for forever but they are just so darn expensive like $450 expensive. But they were beckoning to me from across the mens shoe isle, and I could not pass up just looking at them, what could that hurt? Well, I was looking at the beauties and saw a sign that said the mixers were on sale for $209 with a Kohls charge card, which we had. I could not believe it, that was $250 off what they normally sold for! They were even the larger mixers with the attatchements, Chance and I both decided we could not pass this up. We went up to the cashier, and she rang it up, and it said $449.99,  Chance and I were like heck no, never mind there must be a mistake, so she called the manager, and the manager had someone go over and look at the sign saying they were for $209. Well, one of the employees had put the wrong sign out, and since it was their fault she gave us the mixer for $209 when it should have been the regualar $449! We were SO excited about the amazing deal, the manager said we got really lucky, and she then took down that sign haha. So we are now the proud owners of a Kitchenaid, and we already broke it in today by making oatmeal cookies, yum!

After Kohls we headed over to the movie Theater to watch Men In Black 3. It was actually very good, I really enjoyed, as did Chance of course. He loves action movies, and it was also very funny. I had such a great date with my husband, it was so nice holding hands while walking around and chatting and just enjoying every second alone together before the baby gets here and we are consumed with all things baby for a while. I am so grateful to be married to such a kind, hard working, loving, considerate, and handsome man, I could not ask for anyone better. I cannot wait to start our little family with him, he is going to be such a great dad, and already loves our baby so much. I truly am so blessed to have such a great marriage, which I think now-a-days are few and far between unfortunately. I guess I just lucked out, and am so glad that I did. Love you babe :).

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  1. Aw I loved this post. So nice to get out with your hubby and pretend you have money for once.-We don't get to do that ever either. And wow! That is a steal for a kitchenaid! You deserve it you cute momma. Once your baby gets here, you'll be walking around holding hands, pushing him in the stroller and your love for your husband will only get greater as you watch your child grow. It's so amazing!! You'll be great! Love ya