Monday, September 24, 2012

Time Out For Women

Both babies were sleeping, that is why they are not in the picture :)

This past weekend I had the amazing opportunity to attend the Time Out For Women conference in St. Louis with my mom, sister, and aunt Victoria. There were some really great speakers who made me laugh and made me cry. The talks were so touching. They talked on womanhood, motherhood, true beauty, making the world and community around you a better place, and so much more. The ones that touched me the most at this time in my life were the stories about being a mom. Some were sad other stories were funny, I was able to relate to many of the stories already. One that touched my heart was one of the girls who spoke, her little 9 month old boy got a metal hanger stuck in his mouth. He had just learned to walk and fell, and the hanger got stuck under his tongue and they could not get it out. They rushed to the ER and the doctors did not remove that hanger for 8 hours. How awful would it be to see your sweet baby in so much pain and you could not do anything for them. She said that she remembers the sweet moments that took place during this trying event. Such as the baby only wanted the mom to hold him at times, or to just have her hand on his little cheek to give him comfort. It was a great story of love and mercy during such an awful ordeal. It made me start thinking that you never know what life will bring you with each new day, whether it me good or bad. I made a vow to cherish and enjoy each day to the best that I can, because lets face it life is hard, and being a parent is no walk in the park at times. But just like the mother in that story I feel the same way, when Chate is so fussy and hard to settle I feel like I want to rip my hair out of my head. I need to remember that he just needs my full love and attention until he quites down and when I have succeeded in figuring out what he needs, he gives me those sweet smiles that melt my heart, and all that crying was worth it, but it sure does leave me a little more tired and frazzled...just keeping it real. But I feel that if I could try to always find the goodness and Gods tender mercies in our trials, and in our joys that I can make it through each day just a little better, and be a better mom and wife. Being a mother and wife is so reward and yet challenging, but with all the blessings that surround my life and family, I would not trade it for anything.  It was so much fun to spend time with my family laughing and growing closer together. Thank you mom for taking me! I look forward to next year already!


  1. Wow Tay that is such a great story! You are such a cute mom! I love reading your blog so keep them coming! :-)

  2. I had soooo much fun spending time with you, Kaysha, and Victoria. Chate is so "go with the flow." I miss him and wish you lived closer!!! You are doing an AWESOME job as a wife and mother!!! I can't wait until next your too!! Love ya! MOM