Thursday, September 6, 2012

Chate and his developing world

Wow has it really been a whole 2 months that I brought home the most perfect little boy from the hospital?! Time sure does fly by, and it saddens me really to think that Chate is growing and developing so quickly, I want him to stay my sweet little baby boy forever, but seeing as that is unfortunately impossible, I cherish each day with him (and I hardly ever put him down, which Chance thinks is making him a mama's boy) oh well if that means I get to snuggle and kiss his squish little cheeks all day so be it! Well some big mile markers have happened this past month and I would like to share those with you :) -

- At 6 weeks he laughed for the first time, it was the sweetest little sound, and I laugh every time he does it. And it is now my daily goal to get him to laugh as much as possible, and yes I do all the crazy psycho faces that I can to get that laugh too. Hopefully none of our neighbors are peeping in our windows because they would probably think I was a crazy person haha.

- He loves being held up in the air, and he is completely straight when you hold him up above you, just like super man. So I call him Super Baby! Which is fitting, because his dad is Super Freddy :). And I guess that would make me Super Mom right? I would like to think so!

- Chate has now discovered his hands, and holds them out in front of him and just looks at them like "how do I work these things", and then he gives up on figuring them out and they automatically go in his mouth.

- He loves to play "games" as I call them. While I am nursing him lately he has been attaching, and then quickly unlatching himself, smiles at me, and then quickly reattaches. He does this several times before actually getting down to business and eating. He thinks he is so funny, little tricker :).

- Chate absolutely loves getting his diaper changed, as soon as he hears the crinkle of the wipes container he gets all excited. Well I would get excited to if you know what I mean. He hates having a messy diaper.

- He is a very strong little guy and can almost roll over by himself, he gets to his side, but doesn't finish through yet. He has been a champ at holding up his head since he was about 2 weeks old, but now he is a pro, and doesn't need any help with holding it up at all.

He had a pediatrician appointment yesterday 9/5/2012 for his 2 month check-up. I was not looking forward to this appointment because he had to get shots. But he did well, cried when he got them, but I was able to easily console him poor baby, I did not like watching him, pretty much being tortured, it breaks my heart to hear him cry, so it wasn't a pleasant experience for me, but he seemed to handle it pretty well. Okay so here are his stats for month 2!

- Height: 22 3/4 45th percentile, That is 2 and 3/4 inches longer than when he was born.
- Weight 13 pounds 7 ounces 85th percentile. That is over five pounds that he has gained since birth! Such a little chunk!
-Head Circumference: 40.3 55th Percentile.

This picture kills me, I LOVE it

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