Tuesday, March 6, 2012

3 kicks means I'm here

I have noticed lately that our little guy has been kicking pretty hard, and mostly to my surprise because it catches me off guard. I have been able to feel him kick, and move around from outside my belly a couple times, but it never lasted for long periods of time. Chance was never able to speed up his superpower skills and get there in lightning fast speed when I would rush him over to feel him kick...well  we are both happy to say that all changed last night! Chance got home from work and we were talking and all of a sudden baby started doing the Olympics in my belly, I felt him with my hands and wondered if Chance might be able to feel him, but I didn't want him disappointed again, so I waited. But geesh this little guy was moving and kicking all over, so I told Chance where to strategically place his hand on my belly, and to wait patiently, which if you know my husband he is not a patient waiter. Thankfully he didnt have to wait for long, not a few seconds later Chance said "whoa!!!" and then he said it again and again! Chance was able to feel him kick 3 times! He was quite a happy daddy to say the least, he said "that's my boy, finally!" Later that night he could feel him moving around too. I love this new development, and am very excited that Chance got to experience a little bit of the amazingness that goes on inside my belly everyday. I do have to say that every time he moves around and pushes, I laugh, out loud literally, I don't know why, maybe because it still freaks me out a little knowing something is inside of me, or that I am so happy and proud of my little guy....probably going to go with both of those things though. Daddy feels baby kick 3/5/2012!
24 Weeks!

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