Friday, March 9, 2012

Happy Daddy=Happy Baby?

Like I have mentioned before my husband is VERY excited for our little boy to get here. He loves when we get baby things, and likes to put them together right away. Well as I promised, we finally purchased a crib mattress, so here are some pictures of the crib all put together.

As you can see our theme for the babys room is...airplanes, now I wonder why? Its not because babys daddy LOVES airplanes, and is going to school for Aerospace engineering, or wants his pilots license, and wants his boy to have a love for planes also...ya probably not, just kidding. It took me forever to think of a theme for the baby room, I looked at every single bedding set our there, seriously, and FINALLY I found this set, and I knew that Chance would love it, and he did. He also said baby will LOVE this, well a happy daddy=happy baby according to Chance, and he said all of his kids will like airplanes. I also have to add in that I am quite a thrifty bargain finder. This set was on multiple web sights for $240 and there was no way I was going to pay that. The cheapest I found it for was $99 on Amazon, but I was determined for something lower. I got on Ebay and found this 13 piece set for $50, free shipping! I was so excited I purchased it right away. The next day I got on to check the shipping status and noticed that the seller who was selling the baby bedding upped all her prices to $99! So I was quite pleased with myself for getting it for $50. I have found that this has happened to me quite a bit, this also happened with the stroller/car seat combo we got as well. So this is the next story, my amazing parents offered to get us a travel system, which is a stroller and car seat combo. I found a great deal, with very good reviews for the car seat and stroller, and it was a killer deal so my mom purchased it for us right away. When it got here Chance was very excited. He put it together right away and wheeled that baby all over the house. He loves the stroller, he asked if we could keep it in the living room because it is so sweet, I said no, a stroller is not furniture honey. So it is now moved into the babys room after about a week of being in the living room, I'm a nice wife. He still gets it out quite often and wheels it around doing wheelies, and zero point turns with it, he says he is "practicing" for the baby. It makes me so happy that he loves our baby so much and can not wait for him to get here. Oh, Chance also came home from work the other night with a "surprise". He got two little bathtub plane toys for the baby, they are cute and so is he :). I am a happy girl, life doesn't get much better.

The Carseat Conopy that I got for free! Yeah!

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