Wednesday, March 14, 2012

This thing called "Pregnancy Brain..."

I am pregnant...just throwing that out there before you all judge me for what I am about to tell you. First off, I have pregnancy brain, meaning I forget things almost at an instant I am told them, I  should probably just go ahead and dye my hair blonde at this point, it would help my cause, and lastly, walking around aimlessly in the grocery store going down every isle scanning for the one item you went to the store to get, but immediately forgot what the said item was once you get there. Oh yes, definitely pregnancy brain.
So after about 30 minutes of walking around the store I came across what I needed, thankfully. I put the groceries in my trunk, and bam! The darn thing bounces back up, I continue to slam my  trunk trying to get it to close with no success. The people around me were staring, it probably looked as if I were trying to stuff a dead body in the trunk the way I was going about it. So at this point with no success of getting the darn thing to close I was getting VERY frustrated and slightly panicky. I had Chances phone with me because I needed the internet from it to get the ingredients for a recipe I found for dinner that night. So I try calling my phone, thinking oh he will pick it up and come help me out, because I do not want groceries flying all over the road on the way home. Well after about 15 times of trying to call my phone of course I got no answer, which made me more frustrated and mad at him. I thought real hard of a plan. Then I had an idea, we have great friends who live about 4 houses down from us, and I was praying that they could go and tell Chance to come and get me. So I tried my friend and thank the high heavens she was home! She glady went and told Chance about my predicament, and he arrived to my rescue about 10 minutes later. Now the next part of my story is the pregnancy brain kicking he gets there and tries it a few times, nothing happened. Then I see a look of realization across his face, and he immediately gives me a look of "seriously", he then proceeds to unlock the little switch that always goes into the lock position for some reason, and bam just like that with effortless force he shuts the trunk. But isn't this how it always happens?
Darn boys....and to make it worse this has happened to me before and I should have known about the dumb little switch, and to just slam the darn thing as hard as I could. Well the moral of the story that I learned is nothing about the trunk, but about great friends and husband who will always come to my rescue, even if it may not turn out to be a catastrophe at all...though it really seemed quite a large problem to me, oh well, darn pregnancy brain. To bad I cant blame my silliness on the baby forever...or can I? :)
25 Weeks!


  1. Of course you can! After pregnancy brain, there is mommy brain. I still find myself wandering the same aisles at the grocery store 2 or 3 times because I forgot something...and this is with a list! I swear, information just falls out of my head...

  2. Haha Jeanne! This is great news...I will tell Chance that this may last forever! YEAH! lol. I am totally with you though, I make lists as well and still I get home and think, darn I forgot that! Really?! :)

  3. I'm not sure it should be called pregnancy brain. I'm yet to get my brain back to full working condition and I haven't been pregnant for almost eight months. Come to think of it I haven't had a fully working brain since I was pregnant with Josh and that was six years ago. Good luck!

  4. Oh joy, well I guess we chould just call it Mom brain then :), that should last me a while!