Friday, March 2, 2012

An unsuspecting Thursday

Being pregnant makes every little thing whether it be good or bad sends to your body a wave of emotions. Yesterday was one of those days all day long. I woke up with excruciating pain in my left butt cheek, and could not walk or move certain ways, I found this to be my sciatic nerve, thank you google. It has been just a joy, and the one thing that makes it feel a little better is to let Chance use my bum cheek as a punching bag, it may look like abuse to the outside viewers, but it is a tender love and mercy let me tell you. So that was a downer way to start the day. But I did have an upper later on in the morning by finding a really cute baby book to record all of the events in my baby's life up to 8 years! I was quite happy about this find, and even smirked inside a little because at that moment my bum was not bothering me...haha sucker! But the happy high of course could only last so long right? Yup for sure, something was bound to happen...and boy did it. I picked Chance up from school and on the way home we noticed the sewer truck sucking out sewer on our road. Okay that's nice of them...ha, well not 15 minutes after we walked into our home did we suddenly hear a spewing sound of water coming from somewhere, and then the smell hit. Chance ran to the bathrooms to find that our toilets were spewing sewer water EVERYWHERE! It was on the floor, counters, shower curtains, walls, and toilet paper was stuck to everything. Chance immediately ran out to tell the sewer people to stop and I stood in disbelief thinking...why us?!? Well the spewing stopped for a second so I ran over to the toilet to close the lid in case this starts up can only imagine what happened next. Yup as soon as I walked over and bent down to close the lid the spewing started all over, my clothes and shoes were drenched in the nasty water, at this point I started crying. Mixed with pregnancy hormones I was having a melt down, I walked right out of the house and just kept going, I was very mad to say the least. When I got home from this journey I had settled down a bit and found that Chance had cleaned up most of the mess. I proceeded to help him out and sanitize everything, and opened all windows and doors to let the stench out, it took about 3 hours for the smell to go away, thankfully it was a nice day outside. So this lovely experience was definitely a downer on my day. The pictures do not give reality to the massive mess of how nasty it really was, we had already cleaned the walls and stuff before I thought to take pictures.

That white stuff is toilet paper, and it was spewed all over the bathroom

That is toilet paper on my towels, we used every towel in the house, yay for washing machines!

 But I am here to say that my day ended on not one but TWO uppers! I have been looking on Craigslist for a piano forever now, but couldn't find anything worth purchasing in our price range, but today was my lucky day, I came across a very nice looking piano for $200! It came with tons of books and a piano light as well. Chance called the lady and we went over to look at it, and to my surprise Chance said we would take it! It might have had a little something to do with the days earlier events, but he also knew I wanted a piano VERY badly, and this was such a great deal that we couldn't pass it up! So we are now the proud owners of a piano woo-hoo! And to top the day off, one of my friends welcomed her little girl into the world, and a couple of us girls went to the hospital to visit. She is such a precious little baby, with tons of dark hair, and perfect in every way. I love babies, and as I was holding her, it just made me so excited for my little guy to arrive so that I can snuggle and kiss his little cheeks all I want! So all in all, it was a trying yet very satisfying day and what a better way to end it than celebrating a new life into the world.

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