Monday, March 4, 2013

8 Months

I just have to say this past month went by way too fast for me, can't time just slow down for a bit?! My baby is growing like crazy and I feel like I can't keep up and enjoy each new things he learns, before he is off learning something new! But it has been a big month for this kid, he has learned how to crawl! He is doing it his own way and goes backwards, but he gets to where he wants to go, I say he is like Mater off of Cars, professional backwards driver :).

 I also started the CIO for sleep, he was just waking up WAY too much in the night for my liking. I was never a huge fan on the whole ordeal, but i finally broke down and did it because I needed sleep and I know Chat needed sleep as well.Well MUCH to my surprise the whole thing has gone so well. The first night he cried for 20 minutes and slept from 6:30 to about 6:30 the next morning! I of course was in the bathroom with the fan on when he was crying, because it breaks my heart to hear him cry, so Chance came and got me when he stopped crying. I was really hoping the the goodness of that nights sleep wasn't a fluke, well thankfully it wasn't because the next night he cried for 15 minutes and slept well again, and so on. I am now very proud to say that I can lay him in his crib and he goes to sleep without crying! I feel very accomplished! But there is one small step back...he has acid reflux and has lots of gas in his belly, which calls for lots of burping. Every little burp will rouse him from his peaceful sleep, and either Chance or myself spend a lot of time trying to get those darn burps out. Funny thing is though, he sleeps as we are pounding on his back, but one little burp wakes him up...we haven't quite figured that one out yet. He is on Zantac, but I don't think it is really helping. I know that if he didn't have so much gas issues he would sleep without interruption. Hopefully he grows out of it soon.

Anyways for now here are some pictures of Chate at 8 months! It is very hard to get many good pictures of a wiggly baby who wants to do anything BUT hold still and look at the camera, but I did get some good pictures of over a hundred that I took.

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  1. These are absolutely precious of Chate! He is adorable and we love him so much! I especially, like the picture where he has his hands right under the tie as though he is displaying his age....Too stinkin cute! Love all 3 of you so much! Mom ♥