Saturday, April 6, 2013

Easter Weekend

Hippity Hoppity Eaters on its way! I was very excited for Easter this year, and had everything I needed for "the big day" 2 weeks in advance, go me :). We love spending time with our families, and try to see them every chance that we can get, which is unfortunately few...But we struck gold this time around! Chance was able to get the whole weekend off! We packed up and trekked down to Ava Thursday morning.

It just so happened to be my sweet nephew Brydens first birthday that day! I seriously cannot believe that he is already a year old, time sure does fly. It was a fun day, he dug into his cake, and opened lots of really fun presents. It was also kind of a sad day as well, because it only meant Chate would be turning 1 in three months...I am in denial of this ever happening, I would love for him to stop growing until I give him permission too, wouldn't that be great?

The next day was date day! Chance and I jumped at the opportunity of being around family and decided we deserved a day to ourselves. Grandma Gwen watched Chate for us that day. We actually went on a double date with my sister and her husband. We started our big outing by eating at Buffalo Wild Wings. Lets just say we had a grand ole' time...laughing at Chance that is. He over estimated just how hot the wings he ordered were going to be. Poor guy, his eyes were watering, his nose was running and he looked like the Joker from the sauce all over his face. It really looked painful for him to eat and for us onlookers to watch. I really wish that I would have thought to take a picture, he was the epitome of what you would think of when someone eats extremely hot food. He did say that it was good I suppose that is all that matters.

Next we headed out to play miniature golf. I had not been in a while and was obviously rusty seeing as my ball went into the water on several occasions. Chance was a pro and was the big winner. I was last, Kaysh was second to last and Brad came in second place.

We then went to Target for a little retail therapy. And of course we could not have called this big shindig a date without getting Andys on our way good. We had lots of fun and were so grateful to Gwen for watching Chate and for Brad and Kaysh for tagging along with us!

Saturday Chance went with some of my family fishing, they had fun but nobody caught anything except for my dad. When they got home we went to Chances parents and had dinner. The next day was Easter Sunday! Chate loved his basket, and the Snake was a Huge hit. We had a lovely Church meeting, and a delicious meal that my mom cooked when we got home. We love getting to see family, we love you all so much! Chate especially loves getting to see his grandmas, and playing with his aunts, uncles, and cousins. Hopefully we can come back and visit soon!



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  1. Great job again on your blog, Tay! Loved it and the pictures too! ♥