Monday, April 29, 2013

Time out for Women

Time out for Women is such a great event. It is so inspiring and uplifting, the speakers give such wonderful talks. They have so many incredible stories to share, some are so sad and heart wrenching, while others are funny and make you feel so good, but no matter what all the stories and experiences that they share make me so happy and so glad to be living at this time and to have the family and my own experiences that have made me who I am today. Hilary Weeks was the musical presenter, and she is amazing, her songs just filled me up with hope and love and contentment. I encourage any woman who has the opportunity to attend one of the conventions to go. It gives me such a spiritual high and makes me so grateful for my life, I leave with such a positive attitude, and it gives me hope too look for the good in this life even with its many trials and tribulations, if I but rely on God anything is possible and we can make it through the bad times and the good, God will carry you. Thank you so much mom for inviting me, lets do it again next year! Cant wait!!!

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