Saturday, April 6, 2013

Spring is FINALLY in the air

Today was such a nice warm springy day. I decided Chate and I were going to do something fun today as to not waste this glimpse into spring. We went to Hobby Lobby and got some really great deals on the left over Easter decorations, then we went to Target and saw daddy for a bit. When we got home we headed outside to enjoy the beautiful weather. It was really windy though, which made Chate gasp for air every time he faced into the wind. Of course the sticks were a huge hit. We played swords, threw them, Chate gave them a little taste every now and then, and of course we shook them around like wild monkeys, I love being a mom to a boy, it is so much fun. Welcome spring it is so nice that you have decided to join the party! We welcome you with open arms!

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  1. Aww!!!!! These pictures are priceless and you look extra pretty TayTay!!! Love you! ♥