Monday, February 27, 2012

And so the Assembling begins...

Chance and I have been blessed with such great families, and support systems. Our families are so excited for our little boy to make his way into this world, as are we. They have been so kind and have asked us what we want for our little guy. Chances parents offered to get us a crib! We were so excited, that we jumped right on that. I researched all types of baby cribs, along with all of the new safety warnings and things that go along with anything that deals with babies these days. I found a really great deal on a Delta crib, and it arrived Thursday night! I had Chance put it together that night, and he said, "and so it begins, putting things together for our kids" :).We love it, and it is fun because it matches our bed in our room, they are both the Sleigh Bed design. I will post pictures later of the bedding and everything put together once I get a mattress. We love getting all of these fun baby things, now all we need is our little baby!

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  1. we have roughly the same design in blond wood, very cute.