Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Baby Boy

Wow, yesterday was one of the most amazing days of both mine and Chances lives, and one that I will never forget. We had the wonderful blessing to see our baby via ultrasound for the second time! The first time it looked like a little blob, but this was AMAZING! There is an actual baby floating around in my uterus! My mom, sister Camille, and my mother-in-law came down to share this special day with Chance and I. We had to wait ALL day...or it felt that way, the appointment was at 3 o'clock. When the time finally came to head to the hospital, I was so nervous, mostly because I want everything to be ok, with the baby, and wanted everything to be developing as it should be. We had a nice lady who did the ultrasound. She put the blue goopy stuff on my belly, and it was so warm, and instantly there was my baby! My baby! Wow it really hit me, it looked so cute, with its little feet moving around and kicking. My favorite part was when it looked right at us, and opened its mouth and smiled! It was so neat! The ultrasound lady checked EVERYTHING, she was very thorough, and everything looked great! At the end she asked if there was anything else I wanted to see, and I said no I think you showed us everything, and at precisely the same moment, my mom and mother-in-law said together, no we want to know the sex! It hadn't even crossed my mind, I guess I was just so thrilled that everything looked great that, I was content with that. But yes I did want to know, so she checked the "area" and it was.....a baby BOY! I was so excited and a little shocked I thought it was going to be a girl, and so did a lot of other people, but I am just so thrilled to be a mother to a baby boy, and if hes anything like his daddy, we as parents will be quite lucky. After the ultrasound we waited for over an hour to meet with my doctor,Chance was way over his limit for waiting patiently by then, and I was getting very hungry! Once we finally got to meet with her we literally talked for like 3 minutes and we were done, figures haha. After we were all done, we ate at Olive Garden...Yummy! I just feel so happy and cannot believe that I am going to be a mom! I am so excited to see my baby boy and get to hold him in my arms.
His cute little profile

Little feet

His hand above his stomach
His face looking right at you with his mouth open, hes a happy kid!

It is a boy :)

His chubby little arm and hand

Both his hands above him

His leg all stretched out, he is on his tippy toes, doing push ups :)

P.S. A VERY special thanks to my family who came up to spend the day with us, we love you all so much and appreciate EVERYTHING that you do for Chance, Me, and Baby. We love you!

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  1. Congratulations! Healthy baby boys are such a huge blessing to a Mommy.