Monday, February 27, 2012

Weekend with Family

My sister Kaysha, who is also expecting a little boy due March 26th, had her baby shower this weekend, and I was able to go! Sadly Chance had to work and do school stuff, so I made the long 3 hour trek down to Ava by myself, I always miss him when we are not together, but I  was looking forward to the weekend. I got to ava on Thrusday, and chatted with the fam for a while, that night I went to my neice Kristas 2nd grade concert. Friday we went up to Springfield, and shopped for the baby shower, and shopped for the babies :). Saturday we got everything ready for the shower, and the shower was that night. So many people came and supported my sister, it was really neat, and she recieved lots of really great stuff for the baby. We played games, ate food, and enjoyed all the company of those who came, it was a really fun night. Sunday, we all went to church ,and ate dinner with the Missionaries later that night, I then went over to my in-laws house and visited with them that night. Monday I chatted a little with my momma and sister, and packed up to head back home. My husband missed me, and I sort of missed him ;). It was a packed weekend, but so much fun, its always a little sad to leave, but always great to come home. I just love my families, and the time that I get to spend with them is just so much fun, and memories are always made.

Memory Game

Guess her belly size game

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