Friday, February 17, 2012

Church Callings

Since Chance and I have moved into our ward we have felt VERY welcomed by everyone, we LOVE our ward so much, and love having friends to do things with! We had been in the ward for about 3 months until one evening we got a call asking if Chance and I could meet with the bishop. Well we knew that we wouldn't be able to fly under the radar forever...bring on the calling! We were made ward missionaries! It has been so much fun, going to meet investigators with the Elders, and sitting in on lessons. But my very favorite part has been watching Chance teach lessons to the investigators, he is such a loving spiritual person, and gets right to your heart. Every time he gives a lesson or bears his testimony to the investigators he definitely has me convinced that the church is true, not that I didn't already know that it was, but you can just feel the spirit penetrating from him, its pretty amazing. I always knew he was a great missionary, it it just so neat to be able to see it in action!

Well one calling isn't enough in the LDS church of course, unless you are lucky enough to be my husband, if not...then you are bound to receive more callings. A couple weeks ago I was called to meet once again with one of the Bishop bric members. Now I have to tell you I have enjoyed so much being able to go to Sunday School and Relief Society, now that I have friends to sit by and chat with, its really fun, so I have to admit, I may have not had the best of attitude when I knew that I would be getting a new calling. I didn't want to miss out on Relief Society! So I thought of all the callings that hadn't been filled and I thought for sure I would be in Young Womens, which would be pretty fun, if that were to happen. So the meeting came and I was quite nervous of course, because you never know what is coming, and of course they sit and talk forever with you, and I am just thinking, just give it to me straight here, what am I called too?!? Well to much shock, I got called as the Ward Music Chorister and Director! Wow! I was actually quite excited about this, now I can stay in all my meetings! Which also made me feel bad since I did do some complaining, and Debby Downying. I have now lead the music in Sacrament for 2 weeks so far, and I really like it. It is a good calling for me because I am a huge baby when it comes to standing/speaking/doing anything in front of a large group of people, so this calling will help me overcome some fears as well. I may not be a great singer, but I love the hymns, and the beautiful music that the church provides,it is so inspiring and uplifting and I am so grateful to have this opportunity to be apart of the spirit in which the hymns add to the Sacrament each week.
Baby Pic update, this is an awful picture, but hey I am almost 22 weeks!

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