Tuesday, April 24, 2012

14 Mounds of grass on the lawn

This is what happens when your lawn has not been mowed for 2 weeks in Missouri....Needless to say we raked up 14 large piles of grass, and then raked those said piles into 4 very large piles of grass. The sad part is, we only raked the very worst parts of the lawn...

Lessons learned:

(1) Unless you want to spend 2 hours plus of unnecessary lawn work, you had better mow your lawn more frequently.

(2) We now know that we could bale hay from our lawn...seriously.

(3) And three, as you are putting the large piles of grass into trash bags, make sure that you are standing up hill from the wind or else you will get a large confetti like grass combobulation right in the face, enough said...

Piles before being consolidated into one large pile

One of the VERY large piles of grass

The other two large piles

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