Tuesday, April 3, 2012

BBQ's, Marshmallows, and Family Time

It is nice having both mine and Chances family living in the same town, but also provides difficulties when it comes to making room in the busy schedule for spending time with each family as equally as we can. Especially when there is a cute little baby who I could just hold all day long keeping me from wanting to do anything but hold him and kiss his little cheeks! But we did have a great weekend with both of our families! Friday night my family had a weenie roast outside on the fire pit and roasted weenies and ate smores. We talked and burnt some marshmallows, and tried to keep our dog Badger away from the food, and us, because he apparently thinks that cow poop is a delicacy food and reeked of manure, yummy. It was such a beautiful night and we did a little star gazing with the help of an phone app that tells you where the constellations are. I love spending time with my family, and love that it is growing and changing, we aren't little kids anymore :( but that doesn't stop us from acting like it at times ;).

Saturday night Chances brother Chris and his wife Katie had a BBQ at their house. We had fabulous hamburgers thanks to the grand chef supreme Christopher Davis :). We also roasted yummy marshmallows as well. Needless to say we did not starve over the weekend! Baby Davis loved all the yummy treats, he thanked my by giving me a kick each time I was eating :). But we also had some good and bad news announced to us that night. Chris and Katie will be moving to Pennsylvania. Chris got a job as a mining manager for a growing company, and Katie will be closer to her family. It will be sad to see them go and we will miss them so much, and their cute little boy Tucker. But this new journey will be a great experience for them and their family and we couldn't be happier for them! Love you guys!

It is crazy where life takes each one of us as we get older and start our own families, and go our separate ways. But one thing is for certain: no matter where we are we can always come back "home" to our roots and visit family and feel right at home and so loved. It is sad to leave them when the time comes to go back home, but I have learned since being married that home is with Chance, and soon our little baby, and it is a special treat when we get to see our families, and we always cherish each moment and memory spent with them. We love you, thank you for all that you do for us!

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