Tuesday, April 3, 2012

182nd General Conference

I love hearing from our Prophet and general authorities twice a year. Every speaker brings with them such a sweet spirit and speaks with such authority that you can feel their love and concern for you emanating right through the television. I loved Elder Uctdorfs talk on "Stop It"! Stop judging, stop sinning, stop doing things in your life that will bring you down and will not help you progress.

 I also loved the talk on the power of prayer and righteous living. After the hurricane hit Haiti, a families house collapsed and their young children were inside, the wreckage was so great that it would be a miracle if any of the children survived. The mother and father prayed that if just one of their children could be saved they would be so grateful. Not too soon after their prayer, they hear a baby cry, they began digging along with the help of neighbors, and got the baby out. Astonishingly just when they got the baby out the father heard a child singing, it was his son singing "I am a Child of God", they were also able to save their little boy and their daughter as well. All of their children were saved because of a loving Heavenly Father, Prayer, and Righteousness. The little boy who sang the song said that he chose that song because he knew that his father would hear it and would come rescue him, and his Heavenly Father would protect him.

 I love the talks and am excited to read them or listen to them again because they are filled with such great knowledge and love. here is a link you can follow to listen to these amazing talks, they will brighten anyone's day.

 General Conference Spring 2012

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