Monday, April 16, 2012

Let Them Eat Cake!!

On Saturday one of my friends had their baby shower, and I along with 4 other girls were the hostess'. I was in charge of making a "vintage" cake to go along with the vintage theme for the baby shower. So I hopped right onto the wonderfully spectacular website... yup you probably guessed it...Pinterest and started searching. I came across a really cute rose decorated cake, and it looked very "vintagy" to me, and it looked easy enough to make also. My Friday was devoted to cake making, now if you do not like sugar this cake is NOT for you! It has so much frosting, frosting filling, then you frost the outside, then you put the frosting flowers on top of that frosting, holy moly, can we say sugar high? Needless to say, I went through 3 bags of powdered sugar by the time I was done, and yes I am not exaggerating about that, TONS of sugar on this baby! I made homemade white chocolate cake, and it was divine, or I hoped it was, because apparently while being "with child" you cannot eat ANY raw dough, batter, etc..., which is lame because that is my favorite part. So The cake looked pretty darn good to my standards, I was ready for this shower! Everyone said that they loved the cake and thought it looked so pretty, which made me feel pretty great especially when it took around 3 hours to complete, my hard work paid off! And to top it all off....It did indeed taste great! Now don't get any ideas, I am not a professional cake maker/decorator, but I do love challenging myself, and it is a self esteem boost when things go according to plan...yay me! Let me know what you think :)

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